Customer Satisfaction

Provides insight into your customers’ satisfaction and experience with your service or product. Gaining insight into these metrics will enable an organization to identify areas of success and opportunity. Campaign Research can help gain understanding into your customers’ satisfaction with your brand as well as help build campaigns to address areas of success and opportunity.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Measuring customer satisfaction is one technique to understand whether your customer is happy with your product or service.  However, understanding whether your customers maintain their engagement with your product or service and whether they would recommend your brand is another matter.  Campaign Research helps organizations measure NPS and create plans to address customers that have negative experiences and build on the success you’ve had with your most engaged consumers.


Advertising/Copy Testing and Brand Positioning

Organizations spend tremendous time, effort and financial resources engaging with the public and their consumers.  The key questions organizations typically have is “how do I know the messaging will resonate with consumers?”, “did the advertising break through the clutter?” and “how does the advertising affect my brand?”   Campaign Research has a proven track record in understanding the real motivations  and underlying beliefs of people.  We don’t simply ask them their opinions,  we derive it.  We can help optimize creative before it goes to market, we can track it when it’s in market and we can analyze the impact to your brand and devise strategies to help it grow.


Customer Path to Purchase (P2P)

Different organizations sometimes refer to the Customer Path to Purchase as shopper marketing, customer decision journey or consumer funnel.  Regardless of what it’s called, gaining deeper insights into how your customers shop for your product or service is of paramount importance to businesses.  By understanding the motivations, pain points, triggers and decision process, organizations can develop techniques to best engage consumers.  Whether it’s optimizing media investment, in-store experience, product offering or budget allocation, Campaign Research will create a plan that will be best suited to  achieving your objectives.


New Product and Innovation Development

Most leading organizations understand the value and importance of their innovation pipeline.  Consumers want products and services that better suit their needs and are more relevant to their lifestyle. Campaign Research can help organizations with line extensions or “white space” launches to limit the risk  incurred with new products and increase the likelihood of success.


Usage and Attitude (U&A)

A U&A study is a great way to understand the attitudes and beliefs consumers have towards your product or service.  By extension, this technique also allows organizations to understand how consumers engage with your brand.  Armed with this information, organizations are better able to target their consumers in the most relevant and meaningful way.


Public Affairs

Campaign Research’s legacy is in public affairs consulting.  We have a proven track record in developing, planning and activating winning campaigns.  Our clients come to us from a variety of organizations like government, political, not-for-profit, advocacy and other regulated industries.  Our techniques get to the root of what the public is thinking and why, and we help shape and mobilize their opinions to produce better outcomes for our clients.




Part of Campaign Research’s proven track record is rooted in our belief that all good research starts with a keen understanding of the consumer.  To that end, listening to the consumer and mining insight from them, in our state of the art in-house focus group facility, allows us to lay the foundation to many of our recommendations and plans.  Our process gets to the root of how consumers think, behave and act.

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