The board of directors of Campaign Research Inc. is pleased to announce that Eli Yufest has joined the company as Chief Executive Officer, effective Wednesday January 4th.

Eli has a long and respected track record in the marketing research industry, having served as the Insights Lead for Whirlpool Canada, Account Executive at The Nielsen Company, Research Manager at Ipsos, as well as marketing and brand management experience with Johnson & Johnson.


He brings extensive knowledge and experience in brand and advertising tracking, customer satisfaction, shopper insights, customer Path to Purchase studies and many other disciplines in marketing research. He also brings strong knowledge of data collection processes and a wide range of data analysis techniques.


Nick Kouvalis was John Tory’s ‘Ford whisperer’

Toronto Star, 2014



After Doug Ford replaced his cancer-stricken brother Rob in the Toronto mayor’s race, John Tory’s team was putting the frontrunner through his mock-debate paces.


Playing Doug was Nick Kouvalis, the mastermind behind Rob Ford’s unlikely 2010 election but now a key member of Team Tory. 


“Nick was so good — he was going after John in a personal manner, really getting under his skin,” recalls Tom Allison, Tory’s campaign manager.


“John turned and fired back at him in a way that made me think, ‘Nick is acting. John is not acting.’ I think for a moment John forgot that it wasn’t actually Doug Ford.”


Kouvalis played many roles — research and strategy guru, cheerleader who relentlessly reminded the big team they were going to win, and in-house expert on the brothers Ford. Continue Reading

Q&A: Nick Kouvalis, the kingmaker behind both Rob Ford and John Tory’s mayoral win.

Toronto Life, 2014


If you’re planning on becoming mayor of Toronto at some point, you might want to call up Nick Kouvalis. As an architect of Rob Ford’s mayoral campaign in 2010, he took a city councillor best known as a right-wing loner with occasional anger problems and turned him into a viable candidate.


Kouvalis was a core player in the Ford administration until early 2011, when, after a falling out, he left his post as the new mayor’s chief of staff and returned to his private political consultancy, Campaign Research.


The break with the Fords became more apparent last year, when Kouvalis switched allegiances, taking on the role of John Tory’s chief political strategist—a job where his main duty was to engineer Doug Ford’s eventual defeat in the 2014 mayoral election. Kouvalis has been called a “Ford whisperer,” a “campaign wizard” and a “dirty trickster.”


Whatever the case, he has a winning record and a knack for explaining the minutiae of elections. Continue Reading

Ford's gamble of backing Harper puts him in a sweet spot

The Globe and Mail, 2011


Mayor Rob Ford hesitated before throwing his support behind Conservative Leader Stephen Harper. As leader of a junior level of government, dependent on the provincial and federal levels, he knows the risks of coming out openly for one party over another, even if his conservative sympathies are obvious to all.


But as the May 2 vote approached, his former campaign manager, Nick Kouvalis, showed the mayor polling data indicating that Mr. Harper's Conservatives could take up to 70 seats in Ontario, positioning them to win a majority government. Continue Reading

Nick Kouvalis, the man behind the Ford campaign

The Globe and Mail, 2010


"Rob does not like to be managed," Nick Kouvalis says. Sounds like spin, coming as it does from the man who so deftly manages Rob Ford. But it's not.


The mayoral front-runner really does bristle under old-school political handling, which might explain why he has a bloody-minded ex-Chrysler worker once accused of uttering death threats against a Conservative MP running his campaign.


Nectarios (Nick) Kouvalis, 35, is the answer to what has practically become a parlour game at Toronto City Hall. Who's really running the Ford show? Continue Reading 


How Rob Ford won Toronto

Maclean's, 2010



In the weeks after Richard Ciano and Nick Kouvalis joined the Ford For Mayor campaign last spring, the two market researchers and conservative political activists launched into a series of interviews with their new, colourful candidate for the Toronto mayoralty race, plumbing the depths of Rob Ford’s past.


“Is there anything we need to know?” Ciano, who is 36, and Kouvalis, 35, asked Ford—repeatedly—once they’d dealt with the obvious: the homophobic slurs, drunken outbursts, the talk of “Orientals” working “like dogs.” Nope, said Ford. And that was the end of it. Continue Reading